About Us

After a careful observation in the healthcare educational delivery system . We identified an urgent need to come up with a Clinical Teaching agency that will specialize in provision and development of clinical skills education for healthcare professionals.


This will aide the universities to have the quality clinical educators for their clinical facilitation needs other than just being allocated any nurse from an ordinary nursing agency. Universities need highly qualified and experienced role models for the success of their students not just any nurse hence, that’s what Clinical Skills Academy stands for.


NewGrad RNs and those returning to work after a while need to practise some clinical competences before they actually perform in the clinical environment . It was identified that there was need for such service to coach clinical skills to individuals or groups at their convenience in a relaxed safe environment hence, coming up with a simulation lab.


Students don’t get enough time and adequate support in the Uni labs as they would require .There is that need for extra practical lessons to aide gaining confidence and developing expertise. Australia deserve high quality standard healthcare professionals and it all starts from having good skills coaching plus opportunity for practising. Clinical Skills Academy is here to bridge the gap.


Our Clinical Nurse Educators also deliver education programs for medical device companies. This is best done by people who are experienced in delivering education to healthcare professionals other than sales reps. Clinical Skills Academy identified that there was need to assist medical devices company to have more time for their sales/production.


We take off the load to deliver education on their products to hospitals working with surgeons, anaesthetists , nurses and their patients at times. Depending on the product we are available to provide education on the product before sales and after hence consumers gaining more knowledge and understanding on such specific devices. They do the selling and we do the education because we are for education.



Our Vision is to become Australia’s major source of Clinical Educators/facilitators who strongly advocate for expertise in clinical skills by delivering the highest quality of education.



  • To Offer a specialized service that is strictly focused on development and polishing of clinical skills in order to gain expertise for healthcare professionals
  • To supply Australian Universities with highly qualified, experienced and dedicated Clinical Facilitators for their clinical placements both general and mental health.
  • Providing a relaxed learning environment where nursing students, registered nurses/ new grad and medical students take the autonomy of practicing different clinical skills competences at their most convenient time via simulation.
  • To build confidence and accuracy to the above healthcare professionals in their skills via simulation before practicing in the real clinical environment. Hence, minimizing risks of harm/ mismanagement of patients.



Our Values

  • Quality of Education
    • Delivery of high quality of clinical education from a team of dedicated highly qualified professionals. Skills coaching at the learner's convenience in a relaxed environment as a group, individual or pairs.
  • Evidence Based Practice
    • Keeping Clinicians abreast with current technical skills and advancing technology based on proven latest research
  • Developing Expertise in Clinical Competences
    • Advocating for a higher level of professionalism by encouraging clinicians to be highly knowledgable, skillful and develop' expertise in their field of work.
  • Quality of Service
    • Great value for operational efficiency. Readily available cost effective service from a pool of educators and a fully equipped simulation lab.