Clinical Facilitation

  • Do you really need your students to be in the hands of just experts?
  • The only agency specialized in clinical facilitation and skills training?
  • Have a choice of facilitators who have done it for years or fresh blood, you chose!
  • Very comprehensively trained for the job. We have it all,

After a careful observation in the healthcare educational delivery system . We identified an urgent need to come up with a Clinical Teaching agency that will specialize in provision and development of clinical skills education for healthcare professionals.


This will aide the universities to have the quality clinical educators for their clinical facilitation needs other than just being allocated any nurse from an ordinary nursing agency. Universities need highly qualified and experienced role models for the success of their students not just any nurse hence, that’s what Clinical Skills Academy stands for.

Clinical Facilitation

  • A pool of experienced facilitators
  • A pool of experienced nurse educators
  • Well trained for the role
  • Highly qualified and dedicated professionals
  • Well monitored service for your satisfaction
  • Quality facilitation
  • Cost effective service

Advocating for Expertise!