• Do you need help with achieving your clinical competences?
  • Are you ready for your practical assessments?
  • Do you need help to polish up your skills for practical assessments?
  • Do you wish having someone specifically there for your coaching one on one?
  • We will get you there spot-on!
  • No more anxiety, we build your confidence and skills to become experts.
  • Do you need help with achieving your clinical competences?
  • Do you need help to polish up your skills for practical assessments?

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Welcome to Clinical Skills Academy

Clinical Skills Academy specialises in delivering just clinical education for healthcare professionals mainly nurses via different modes of skills coaching . It is run by highly qualified and experienced Clinical Educators most of them with Masters'Degrees and post graduate qualifications.The Director is a Registered nurse with AHPRA and has done clinical facilitation for six universities across a number of different clinical areas as part of her research hence identified the need for such a specialised service. She holds a Master of Health Science -Clinical Education from the Australian Catholic University.



NewGrad nurses, 3rd year student Nurses Applying for NewGrad Positions, Registered Nurses.

Clinical Skills Booster Workshop

This Refresher Course is a powerful tool that will

  • Polish your skills in performing your competences as per ANMB standards
  • boost your confidence in doing your procedures
  • gain expertise in performing the skills
  • Your Application for NewGrad or for New job will stand out
  • Your CV will Stand out above others
  • comes with a (ACN endorsed) Certificate & Transcript of the skills achieved
  • Sound CPD hrs

Competences Covered

  • Drug Administration/Drug Calculations (For All)
  • Aseptic technique
  • Intravenous (burette/bolus/container)
  • intramuscular injections
  • subcutaneous injection
  • Wound Management- Aseptic Technique
  • Simple dressing
  • Complex wounds (packing, irrigation, suture /clip removal,drain removal)
  • Wound Care Product (Qualities)
  • Tracheostomy Care (Suctioning)
  • Colostomy care
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Pain Assessment ( controlled Drugs)
  • Catheterization Male /Female ( Supra-pubic care)
  • Professional Documentation and Report Writing)
  • Communication Skills Verbal/non Verbal
  • Admissions and Discharges (Comprehensive Hx Taking & Assessments)
  • Health Education/ Patient Teaching
  • Time Management & Organizational Skills ( care of a group of patients)
  • Bullying and Harassment @ workplaces & Professional Boundaries
  • Polices and Procedures