Takumi Khan  


Clinical Skills Academy provided me nursing education and assisted me in joining the professional nursing setting. All the Clinical Skills Academy staff who provided assistance were very professional and knowledgeable. The course material and content of their training course is very relevant to professional nursing settings.

Clinical Skills Academy is also providing the new graduate nurse program which I recently joined. They helped me to find a new graduate nurse job which suited me. They provide me a very supportive learning environment even after I got a job. I can get the support from them whenever I needed it. (They keep in touch with me every 2 weeks and also they have 24hours supportive phone call line). I strongly recommend Clinical Skills Academy.

Linked with Allity Aged Care


Endro Suripto


CSA is an excellent program for nurses. You'll learn some important knowledge, critical thinking, and skills so you'll absolutely be ready to work as a professional RN once you finish the workshop. A++++ Thanks

Linked with Allity Aged Care within the first week of Workshop





Erica Chung


The booster workshop is informative and has helped me become more confident in performing clinical tasks that I do not practise on a regular basis. The team at Clinical Skills Academy are friendly and approachable. Olivia works at your pa
ce to help you master day to day clinical tasks. She also assists her students in applying for jobs by providing opportunities, and resume and interview tips.

Completed GNP and Linked with Sydney Adventist Hospital NSW





Carmen Chan


I had benefited a lot from the Clinical Skills Academy. The Clinical Skills Booster Workshop helps me gain more confident in medication administration, communication and more. The staff is also very supportive when it comes to looking for a nursing opportunities by giving me advice on how to ace my interviews. I recommend the Clinical Skills Academy to all undergraduate nurse who are having trouble looking for opportunities. The staff provides unlimited support and the workshop will help more confident in your clinical skills.

Linked with Blue Haven Aged Care Facility 


Thi Duong


I have found the Clinical Booster Workshop to be extremely helpful for nursing students and new graduates. After the workshop, I feel much more confident in performing different nursing tasks. Thank you so much for Clinical Skills Academy team, and I hope you keep up the good work.

Thank you

Linked with Chester Hill Family Medical Practice



Jenny Busabong


Very rarely do we acknowledge the role of people who shape us and mould us and help us to find ourselves in that process.

Today, as I stand holding my head held high, I cannot help but bow down to the Nursing Educators and Clinical Skills Academy who has made me what I am. I would like to sincerely thank you for all the efforts and the patience you have shown in transforming and boosting my Clinical Skills into a responsible and focused Registered Nurse. The course was practical and theoretical.

I shall always remain grateful for all the things I have learnt from you.

Linked with Midway Family Medical Centre


Manoj Regmi


Thank you for your guidance, friendship, and even for your discipline. I learned that I am strongest when I recognize what yet is weak and how I might best develop those parts of my character. Clinical Skill Academy has the environment of enthusiasm for learning, appreciation for growing it has helped me regain my confidence and gain stronger skills. My nursing ethic has changed for the better and it’s all thanks to this course.        

Linked with Estia Health within first week of Workshop



Abby Dawogu


Instead of holding hands you asked us to walk ahead while you caringly observed from behind. Clinical skills Academy brought the best out of me. Thank you for being an irreplaceable and inspirational teacher.

I am happy to have completed my graduate nurse program at clinical skills academy. I now work at a public mental health facility in NSW.

Completed GNP Linked with Cumberland Mental Health              

Rama Gautam  


The Clinical Skills Booster Workshop is a great advantage for Registered Nurses. Olivia is a great educator. Thank you for the great opportunity which enhanced my clinical skills and evidence based best practice.  

Linked with RSL Life Care within 8 weeks




Rumbidzai Melissa Dibi 


The Clinical Skills Booster Workshop is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It not only polished but greatly improved my clinical skills. Olivia is a great educator who is very knowledgeable in the course. The staff at Clinical Skills Academy are also very supportive. I also look forward to being a part of the Graduate Nurse Program with Clinical Skills Academy as I know I will receive all the support I need.

Linked with Allity Aged Care within 5 weeks



Rachana Gurung  


Thank you for your support. This workshop provides me with a lot of refreshment and competency which I learned a year before.      

Linked with Estia Health within 3 weeks






Samjahna Rayamajhi     


Thank you very much it was really good workshop I have really enhanced my knowledge

Linked with Estia Health within 3 weeks








Merina Suwal    


Thank you for all the support and learning throughout this week. It was very helpful and I enjoyed being a part of the workshop. It has really boosted my skills and I’m taking so much more from here. You are a great institution. All the best      

From Royal Freemasons’ Benevolent Institution Village







Olivia and Tijo developed and delivered an engaging and valuable workshop endorsed by the Australian College of Nursing. Their demonstration of clinical skills, flexibility and support throughout the five days, displayed their expertise in their fields of nursing. The Clinical Skills Booster Workshop, enable me to further develop my critical thinking skills and reinforce the ANMC competency standards and NSW Health policy and guidelines. Constructive criticism was welcome, and thus continually improving our group performance of ongoing professional development. Top qualities: intimate learning environment, critical thinking and coaching.


Thank you for all your support through this learning progress.

(Corrine Adams, ACU third year student, applying for transition to professional practice.




I personally benefitted  from attending the clinical booster skills workshop because I was confident enough, especially in medication management, taking admissions, discharge plans etc during my clinical placement. So I really wanted to recommend  this course for students to get one on one hands on at the workshop and brush up your clinical skills.


Beena K Raphael Nursing student UTAS

3rd Yr




I found the course to be helpful going into my new grad interview and a great value for money. It allowed me to practice critical nursing skills in a supportive environment and found the academic staff to be extremely patient and knowledgable. I would not have the confidence to practice as a future RN if I didn't do this course.  Therefore I strongly recommend this course to any nurse who needs to polish up their skills.


Mary Barr

UTAS Student Nurse, (final year)




I learnt about Clinical Skill Boost Workshop from my university email. I was told it would polish your skills in performing your competences as per ANMB standards. Now I have completed the workshop, and do feel it is very useful. The workshop helped me on nursing interview skills, helped me to link what I learnt in university with real life experiences. I learnt to apply nursing theory into my clinical practice to provide safe and effective evidence-based care to achieve patient’s health outcomes. Now I am doing my clinical placement in mental health facility, I do feel the experience in the workshop gives me a lot of confidence in my placement such as writing nursing reports, handover with other nurses. I am also more aware of legal and ethical issues which might arise in my clinical practise. I definitely recommend Clinical Skill Boost Workshop to anyone.


Yan Song

3rd Year Student UTAS




A great refresher course that gave me good tips and improved my clinical skills. It gave me confidence and refined my practical techniques. It was run in a relaxed environment.




Belinda N.

3rd year nursing student UWS




As I felt we do not get enough preparation at university regarding the practical hands-on in the labs. CSA has provided me with the platform to develop my confidence to perform my nursing skills as I am getting ready for professional practice.


Katrina Diamandopoulos

3rd Year Student: UWS




Clinical Skills Workshop Evaluation Comments 


  1. Clarification on certain terms for nurses who registered internationally. They provided questions and answers for further understanding content and context of subjects should be suited to task at hand.


  1. The workshop was very informative it gave us a chance to brush up on our clinical skills as well as reviewing the clinical training


  1. Very informative workshop educators made it very comfortable to share questions thoughts and ideas. I found the scenarios very useful and relevant and the discussions were very helpful. Thank you so much for the handy tips.


  1. CSA workshop helped me to improve my clinical skills I felt I have improved my competencies overall it was a great workshop


  1. Will encourage and support any nurse nursing educator are supportive have a clear direction and explanation


  1. Thank you so much for boosting my confidence starting a new grad doesn’t seem so daunting now. Olivia was beyond patient and really helped fine tune the important details of each skill thank you


  1. It was very well organized and covered all the areas I needed assistance with


  1. The content of all the course was very comprehensive the assessments of the course was detailed


  1. CSA is very supportive the booster workshop overall is excellent


  1. Olivia is a positive role model that encourages professionalism and pride in the registered nurse role. The course has been so helpful to me thank you.


  1. I learned and refreshed my memory which is going to be really helpful in my nursing career


  1. I really enjoyed the course thank you Olivia you have shared a lot of knowledge some old information I had forgotten and you reminded me of these. Some new information I learnt and much appreciated thank you


  1. I was personally happy with the model of the workshop. Very detailed course and the practical lesson were very informative thank you


  1. It was well covered refresh course for all nurse it is recommended for any nurse who wants to return to work.


  1. The booster workshop has been a key to develop my clinical skills I found myself very confident and skill full after attending the classes


  1. Clinical Skills Academy was really helpful to me they always push me to think and analysis and act. So that I can reduce y mistakes and I will know what kind of thing I need to supply to my patient.


  1. Overall the workshop was so helpful for me to think about critical situation and it has helped me to boost my clinical skills. The educator was the best one I ever come across. The study patterns the way of explaining was so simple and understanding I loved the workshop.